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About JWGreetings

Our Why

Established in 2008 JWGreetings became recognised for its beautiful, contemporary and distinctive range of black greeting cards which are designed and produced in the UK. Providing hand drawn, digital finished greeting cards with a Black Carribean influence for black and multi-culture families and individuals.

JWGreetings looks to extend existing & new designs into new products. Plus offering exclusive & limited edition products.

JWGreetings is passionate about enriching lives & bringing people together through positivity, inspiration, design-led products & services.

Want more, we offer a growing collection of articles from The Life behind Greeting Cards Blog where Janet explores her multifaceted creativity. She shares topics to inspire, problem solving, ideas, veg growing, being a mom & more.

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“ We here to help you spread more happiness into the world. That over time become the memories you cherish“

– Janet Walker Founder


JWGreetings in the beginning

The Founder's Story

In 1999 Janet had to buy a greeting card for mother’s day. She went into many card shops and spent large amounts of time flicking through loads of mundane cards. The majority of them offered flowers, teddy bears and more flowers. With her mother being a very special person in her life, She wanted something unique and personal to her mom. Since then she’s found she’s not the only person who finds “Greeting Card Shopping” a problem. With that, she designed her own card for her mom. When Janet gave it to her, the tears of joy in her mother’s eyes as she looked at the card and read the verse, said it all.

Since that moment Janet has never brought another greeting card. Her path was now abundantly clear. Then the worst happened her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a tough time for Janet, then after 2 years of fighting, her mother passed away. That moment shook her world she’d never felt pain like that before.

Dealing with the loss of her mom and then to find out she was expecting her first child. Her plan to start the design business thanks to her mom was too painful to pursue . So instead she decided to pursue another career path, which was to open a hair & beauty store primary selling products for the black community. Some of you may remember it, “All Divas”. That successful venture which was the first of its kind in her local town lasted 4 years.

In 2008 she closed her retail store & went back to her passion of using her creativ-ness to bring out her own line of black greeting cards. That’s when JWGreetings was born & the domain name was purchased to seal the deal. She put her heart into designing for others to share and enjoy. Friends and family loved her distinctive style & wanted more.

She offered personalised cards which included personal photographs but those were only by special requests. She truly embraced her gift & used her experiences in life as inspiration.

2017 her designs extend to a varied range of other products from clothes - Tech. She also develops projects that fill gaps in the market. While offering help to other business owners when it comes to consulting, marketing & product direction. She's always being creative, whiling raising 2 boys.

She dedicated the JWGreetings website to her belated mother ‘Lillian A Walker’, a beautiful woman, a great teacher, a fighter – her Queen.