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About JWGreetings

JWGreetings has becoming recognised for its beautiful, contemporary and distinctive range of black greeting cards which are designed and produced in the UK. Providing hand drawn, digital desiged imageriary greeting cards with a Black Carribean influence for UK black and multi culture familes and individuals.

Sending and receiving a black greeting card should be a memorable and special experience whatever the occasion, it’s that link that makes communication beautiful. Everyone’s loves to open an envelope that has their name on it. When it’s a greeting card its even more pleasurable and it’s this feeling we strive to accomplish through our products.

Customer statements like: Beautiful and Modern; I love the images on the greeting cards; You guys got it going on and I will be using this site and recommending it to my friends - Are just a few of the positive words being said about JWgreetings.

JWGreetings are committed to enriching lives by providing high quality, visual expressions via their designs styles. Turning those special moments into memorable memories is what we aim to achioeve with each and every greeting card.

The Founder's Story

Janet Walker Ownern of JWGreetings7 years ago Jay had to buy a greeting card for mother's day. She went into many card shops and spent large amounts of time flicking through loads of mundane cards. The majority of them offered flowers, teddy bears and more flowers. With her mother being a very special person in her life, She wanted something unique and personal to her mom. Since then she's found she's not the only person who finds "Greeting Card Shopping" a problem. With that she designed her own card for her mom. When Jay gave it to her, the tears of joy in her mother's eyes as she looked at the card and read the verse, said it all.

Since that moment Jay has never brought another greeting card. Her path was now abundantly clear. Then the worst happened her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a tough time for Jay, then after 2 years of fighting, her mother passed away. That moment shook her world she'd never felt pain like that before. Dealing with the lose and life change of expecting her first child, she decided to pursue another career path which lasted 4 years in retail. Some of you may remember it, "All Divas".

The year 2008 held a lot of different things for ending her retail path which was hard to do and the other was to pusue her creative side and bring out her own line of black greeting cards. She puts her heart into designing for others to share and enjoy. Friends and family love her distintive creative style, they look forward to her new designs.

She also offers personalised cards which can include personal photographs but those are only by special requests. She has truly come to embrace her special design talent and by using her experiences and life as inspiration it has allowed her to add a special uniqueness to her designs. It is now her time to share with the masses and I believe they will fall for her designs just as others have. She has dedicated the site to her belated mother 'Lillian A Clarke', a beautiful woman, a great teacher, a fighter - her Queen.


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